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4 years ago

cox fiber

How do I know if Cox has fiber in my area or neighborhood. Can Cox wire residential homes with Fiber? Are the speeds similar to Century Link 1GBPS up and down?

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    Hi @Eric G
    That is a great question. Some of our customer's homes have a Passive Optical Network transport method. Please email us at with your full name and address, and we can let you know what the transport method of your home is and the speeds for that type.
    Ben S.
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    You could log into your Cox account and "shop" data plans.  If fiber optic is available in your area, it'll be an option within the offerings.

    Speed is dependent on the technology not the medium.  For example, although any version of DOCSIS would use the same coaxial cable, version 3 is faster than versions 1 and 2.  As for comparing providers, it'd depend on their technology and quality of hardware.

    By its nature, however, light pulses aren't susceptible to electronic interference, so optical data would be "faster" than copper because you'd practically reduce...or