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5 years ago

Cox email web client proxy

This is a problem for the entirety of Fort Huachuca.  Once you've successfully logged onto, within seconds the page shows an error message "Your IP has changed" and if it doesn't kick you out entirely, it asks for the password again.  The fort does not have a dynamic IP. Every time it does this, it says you have entered the incorrect password.  When it kicks you out, it goes to a Cox Productions screen asking for login and PW again or back to the original login screen.  Entering the login and password, when it works, it will tell you the password was wrong when/if it lets you back in.  Then rinse and repeat, within seconds it says your IP has changed.  It is impossible to type a response that takes more than a few seconds, this is extremely aggravating.  It doesn't matter which browser you're using IE, FF, the Windows 10 browser, etc.