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3 years ago

Cox Email Discontinuation

I visited a Cox retail store in Metairie, LA within the last week for some account maintenance. During the visit the Cox rep informed me that in the near future, i.e., sometime in February 2022, that Cox will be discontinuing email service to all existing addresses. She said there have been multiple notices of the impending shut down. This same information was reiterated by a different rep on a subsequent visit. 

In reviewing my cox email accounts I have found no notice of a looming shutdown and can't find any notice on the Cox website. I am aware that new accounts cannot be created but can find nothing indicating that existing accounts will be terminated in the near future.

Has anyone else heard anything regarding the discontinuation of existing Cox email accounts? If so, can you point me to additional information?


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    Cox needs to reiterate this policy via whatever method Cox originally used to inform the reps because it's causing unnecessary stress.