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Cox email account continuously drops user name/password on Android devices.

The issue for whatever reason and no matter the email app (Android or Outlook) continuously drops email credentials after about a week or two.  

What happens I setup an email account on my Samsung Galaxy Note 9 android device (whether the native android app, or Outlook) using the auto account feature, everything works for about a week or two. Afterwards when opening the email app you're suddenly greeted with "please sign into" (username in place of actual account name). Clicking OK then requires you to re-input your credentials.  

I first noticed the issue about 3 years ago (and there are plenty of posts on this issue going back that far) when I was using the Android email app. Frustrated, and thinking the issue was Android, I switched to Microsoft's Outlook app for Android (no issue with Outlook and I use it on my Desktop). Three years later and a different phone (still Outlook) the issue still persists as late as this week. Same issue - setup cox account (again), it works for about two weeks no issue, then suddenly, it can't remember the credentials and asks for them again.  

Cox claimed they were looking into the issues 3 years ago, yet here we are.

And please don't give me the "It's Outlook" cause 1) I've never ever had the issue on my desktop Outlook 365 app (both app are Outlook 365), 2) I've 3 other email accounts on both the Android device (using Outlook) and desktop and none of those do what Cox does; 3) even when I was using Android's built in mail app the "Cox" issue still persisted. 

I spoke to a Samsung rep and he opined that Cox auto updates their email system in a way that causes these issue. I didn't buy it then because I figured if that was the case, I'd have issues with my desktop app and that simply isn't the case. Anyway now I'm not so sure. I do know this is an ongoing issue with Cox.

Can you help us out with this. Perhaps give use the "proper" credentials for Android devices?

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  • @Mrdrew, You can find the email server settings/credentials for devices here: I would start there first and see if any of that helps. Also, I recommend making sure that your app and devices are updated to the newest versions. -Allan, Cox Support Forums Moderator.
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      Thank you, Allan; Yes, my apps are updated. I'm a tech nerd so I’m obsessive about that. 

      As for the link, I've seen and used those settings. The issue as noted is things work for about two weeks then all of a sudden, they don't and I get the nagging "please sign into".  That's the issue... the settings don’t stick after about two weeks. Odd as it may sound.

      Anyway, I've once again used those setting and the account is working as it always does, but I've absolutely no faith they'll stick. Been there too many times. And again, no issue whatsoever on my desktop PC running the Outlook desktop app. Only my Android device has this weird issue. An issue that’s been reported by many over the years.  

      Until then...

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        The issue does sound strange indeed. The storing of password information is an application specific issue and shouldn't be affected by the service in any way although you may be asked to update your info if the login is unsuccessful.

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    with new security protocols, if you don't change pw on every device, email pings repeatedly old login/pw info, cox thinks you're hit with spam.