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2 years ago

Cox cheating it customers

Today I canceled my internet service, cox did not keep their word to keep my price of 29.99 for internet to my new address, then they bill 63.99 since 4 months ago.

I was told that I will keep my 29.99 for my new address, however they have been charge full rate.

really bad practices to keep customers, a cheating company.

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    I haven't been cheated... Are you sure you communicated with the right people? Did they TRANSFER your services, or did they shut down your old address and start a new line of service for you at the new address? Is there a change of type of service? You should be talking to someone in retention. Kvetching here won't address the issue. 

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        it's appropriate, and far less ugly than some of the other Yiddish words I grew up learning... <G>

  • Hi Ule, I'd really like to take a look at what happened with your account when you moved to your new address. So that I can further assist you, please email my team at I'll get to the bottom of this for you! -Becky, Cox Support Forums Moderator