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Cox can't keep up but yet up their rates.

My internet has been in and out for the past 2 weeks. I don't appreciate having to pay your outragious prices and having my internet not working. Don't tell your customers it's because of high volume and traffic during these trying times. Cox you should be ashamed to not being prepared and not having the proper eqipment to put out quality internet. I hate that Cox owns the market. They have no competition therefore their customer service is behind times and the agents are rude when talking to them and we still have to choose COX because all other internet offered is even a bigger joke than COX. 

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  • Agree and the nerve to up their rates this month. Cant wait to hear how they can justify that. 

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    Totally agree....service is garbage and customer service is beyond horrible!

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    May I ask where do you live? I'm in Vegas and our service is horrendous for the past 4 weeks. Forget the online gaming. Its unplayable to the point where you want to smash your monitor. Like a lot of people on here been having same issue with packet loss thru out the day and specially peak hours. I finally had to file complaint to FCC since cox kept denying there is a big problem with there internet service. I'm thinking about switching to Century Link fiber optic soon.

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      I live in Vegas too. I've had the packet loss problem since I got the service on August of last year. I'm getting wrinkles and gray hair.

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        I suggest you file complaint with FCC. I did it on April 2nd and what do you know. Cox rep called me up yesterday. I didn't call them back because I know I would be yelling at these incompetent people because they keep lying to my face. I gave it a try with online game yesterday and it turned out I didn't get any ping spike during 4 - 8 pm. Maybe they fixed it , who knows. 

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    Hello, if you are experiencing Packet Loss, High Latency, or Slow Connections, please see for troubleshooting steps. For additional support, please include a link to this thread and email us at -Kevin M. Cox Support Forum Moderator