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4 years ago

COX Can No Longer Maintain Reliable Service

I am currently paying $86 for 150mb of high speed internet service, which in reality has been more around 30-50mb if it’s working, which working is a 20% success rate at that. I have called and chatted to customer service seeking a resolution to my slow and spotty Internet at least 4 times since February 15th and have been blown off getting a prewritten generic answer   “Due to COVID the increase of people working from home has caused our services to not be reliable”.  
Which I get it, COX was not prepared for the large amounts of people using the internet all at once but let me tell you what else they are not prepared to stop doing and that’s taking your overpriced monthly payment... right?

So I asked polity to all the representatives to please be credited for the  months of spotty service and again I get the generic answer.  
“Our system will automatically refund you for any problems or outages I am unable to refund you”   which let me assure you their  system will refund you $5 if you’re lucky and only take in consideration of 10% of the actual outages. Keep in mind I’m paying almost $100 a month for Internet that is not usable at all... due I get to say. “sorry I’m not paying this month because you did not supply our agreed product I purchased?” NO they will shut you off. Oh can I switch service providers? NO they own the contract for my neighborhood no other service providers are allowed to provide quality services in their area...

As we speak I’m sitting on my couch on my cell phone writing this Because guess what there is no Internet again. So what does it take for me to get what I pay for? Spamming every social media outlet telling all my friends maybe protesting? Will see where this goes I will keep you all posted thanks for listening to me vent. Stay safe GOD Bless you all.

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