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Cox Cable internet is garbage. I don't know why.

When using a separate modem and router, I ping about 25-30 ms to LA. It randomly spikes to over 300 very frequently. When I take away the router and just use the modem, I get the same results. Cox told me to get a new modem, so I did. Same problems. Cox sends a tech out, they say they fixed whatever was wrong. Still get the same results. Can't get stable ping as the ONLY device on the connection. I am properly confused. 

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    Looking from this end I'm not seeing any indication of an issue from us to the modem. It may be that the issue is just intermittent. You can try using a tool called pingplotter to monitor the connection and see if any issues are discovered. They should have a free version on their website.

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      This issue also seems to be a lot more prevalent after 9:00 pm. Didn't notice any issues when testing at 4:30 PM

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        Hello, we are not detecting any packet loss, and your modem appears to be within the normal parameters. Would you be able to provide a traceroute and/or pingplotter to the server? Please do so on a hard-wired connection to the modem. By reviewing the traceroutes, we can determine if there's latency/packet loss occurring on or off of our network. -Kevin M. Cox Support Forum Moderator