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4 years ago

Cisco modem

The Cisco DPQ3212 has a connection for coax cable and also what looks to be standard phone line. The phone line on my modem runs to an outlet market "MTA". 

What is the purpose of the phone line connection? In previous installations where I've had cable internet service, the modem did not have the second (phone line) connection. Is it needed for internet connectivity and functionality? 

Wanting to move everything to another room that has a coax cable jack, but no "MTA" outlet.


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  • Hi Lander. If the phone line connection from the modem goes to a phone jack in the wall, that activates all the jacks in the house. The DPQ3212 has 2 phone line connections labeled Tel 1 and Tel 2 in case you have two phone lines connected. It isn't need for the internet to function, however, it is needed if you intend to use the phone service. - Lisa, Cox Support Forums Moderator
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      Thank you Lisa. So it sounds like I would need to leave the current modem installed in this room to maintain the land-line phone system, and also continue to feed the router.

      Then, add a second modem in the other room for direct internet connectivity? For security and connectivity reasons, I prefer that the new connection also be direct wired, and not rely on a wireless connection.

      Would it be best to obtain that additional modem from Cox, and would there be any complications with two modems connected in the same house?