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3 years ago

Chronic network 106 errors

We have experienced chronic network errors for the last 3 weeks. We switched to streaming 8 mo ago and chronically get buffering and night time is the only time we watch TV. The buffering/time outs are across netflix,  prime and youtube tv.

I upgraded to a new panoramic modem last week that should easily cover my one story 1500 Sq ft house...and same problem occurs.

Meanwhile cox is posting "repair " work is being done in my area. Like what,  new switches at the POP? At least tell us

Xmas eve was ruined due to no connectivity and try to get a rep to help. Even they knew rebooting the new modem wasn't going to resolve it.

I have 2 smart TV, 2 laptops, 2 smart phones. No gaming.

I need answers

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