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4 years ago

Changed Modem, Upgraded to Gigablast, Upload/Download Speeds Decreased

Was using SB6141 modem, 150/10 speed plan. Replaced modem with SB8200, chatted with support to set the new MAC address, S/N. etc.

Service worked after the support changes. Service rep on chat offered Gigablast upgrade, I said yes. Allow two hours for changes to take effect to the service.

So here's where I am now: speed tests (dslreports) indicate a consistent 60 down/8 up. Below are screenshots from the SB8200 Status web page. Any suggested next steps to remedy?

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    Update - cable from wall plate to modem swapped out, then after re-provisioning and some other stuff by the very pleasant tech support person, speeds are now as expected.

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    that is just cox, you gotta deal with it sorry bud no fix.