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4 years ago


Unable to connect to - our credit union. from COX, but works via VPN and phone with WIFI turned off. That indicates the problem is within COX somewhere. COnnection timeout, every time, unless, again, using VPN (from work Turner in ATL) or using phone without wifi.

Chat was worthless. They "could not understand my complex question".

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    It may be an issue with the website because...justifiably so...a lot of websites go overboard with online security.  I'm not saying you're suspicious but security software can raise a lot of false flags:  failed logins, questionable certificates, unregistered devices, corrupt cookies, etc.

    Call the bank to investigate your IP address.

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    I had something similar happen to me. I figured out a workaround but it ** and is not simple. I will not give detailed instructions but...

    Turn the pano modem to bridge mode
    Hook a different router to it so it pulls a new IP address based on the new MAC address
    Wait for your old IP address lease to expire (about 24-48 hours)
    Disconnect different router
    Turn pano modem off bridge