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4 years ago

CGM4140 firmware

So, Just got my new modem and works okay.  Based on past experience, I got on chat and asked if it had the latest firmware.  I have found that when I have called in the past with some issues with my modems, there were indeed firmware updates that Cox then installed and solved those issues.  Especially with a new (to me) modem, they did not push firmware until I asked. 

I chatted with a woman who reassured me indeed my CGM4140 had the latest firmware.  I asked her if she knew the version and she confidently replied "DOCSIS3.1"

Now, I'm not so sure that I do have the updated firmware.  Still get a sense that the modem is not operating as efficiently as it should.  No way for me (that I can find) to check firmware version and certainly no way to do anything about it if I could. 

Anyone else with issues regarding getting firmware for their CGM4140 - any way to check what version I have? 

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    What has happened to its Tech Support?  In the rarity I'd call...and that's not a statement of me but rather a statement of reliability...I used to learn things from Tech Support.  Now, it's just head-shaking.

    In a past organization, we used to have a web page for Certificates to Operate.  If there were software updates for any platform...PC, router, firewall, applications,'d be listed on this CTO page with a status:  acknowledged, testing, approved, disapproved.

    If a customer wanted a status, they'd go to the CTO.  If an update wasn't listed, they'd call and we'd update.  The CTO was a 1-stop-shop and Cox should employ it.