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2 years ago

Caution yourself when asked to download Ultraviewer file

Just received a call on a Saturday morning 10/1/2022 (ID showed: a local number in my area 203-235-9206 - which of course doesn't ring when you call it back) from a person claiming he is from Cox and alerted me that the Cox internet server crashed last night and they need to reset my computer and its modem to work properly with their network.

He asked that I check my modem to see how many lights are flashing.  Then he asks that I sit in front of my Windows computer and find the control key on lower left side of keyboard.   He then says "Now hold down WINDOWS four-squared key and press the letter R key" (this brings-up the "Run" command box).  He then wants you to type in the Run box:  msconfig - run it and then look for "Services" tab.  He will then ask how many programs say "stopped" (your response lets him know you are actually performing his requests - it does NOT harm your computer - as you (and he) haven't really "run" any damaging commands - YET)!

Once he is confident you are actually in front of / and using your computer, he will ask you to return to the command box, delete the "msconfig" lettering most likely still residing in the box and replace it with a command to download from "" (setup vrsn 6.5).  THIS IS WHERE THE RED FLAG OF CAUTION IS NOW FIERCELY WAVING IN FRONT OF YOUR BRAIN!!!  The caller wants to take CONTROL OF YOUR COMPUTER (possibly to plant spyware, malware, etc)!!!

Although I already clearly understood this was a scam (even though he tried hard to make it feel proper), I played along with his request (never really downloading the file) and I stated my virus protection software was alerting me of a possible security violation has stopped me for proceeding to this site (which McAfee did do).  He asked me to ignore the alert as he is from Cox.

I said I am stopping the request (which YOU SHOULD, TOO) and asked for a call-back number (he gave:  217-560-7816  and said ask for Steven Murphy) - (hmm / huh).  I didnt honor such as they would then call me again, and again, and again!!!

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    Yeah, ultraviewer, teamviewer. anydesk, and others are remote access software, and NOBODY at Cox will ask you to run it, and gain remote access to your computer. Cox Complete Care, MAY request remote access, BUT, you will have called in for assistance, and I think they have their own software for that.