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21 days ago

Can't connect my HP wifi printer to my network after a modem/gateway change.

Hi, all, recently updated my Cox gateway from the gray one to the white modem, and now I can't seem
get my HP printer on the network, I'm curious if anyone here has the similar experience and how to fix it.

I think its because it uses 2.4 range and not 5GHz , Is there away to change the setting on the device? I do
have the Cox wifi app.



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  • Hi, there. You can log into your Cox app and disable the "band steering" so that it will separate into two different networks. Follow these instructions, but choose "Split Bands (not recommended)" to achieve the separation.

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    So this suppose to split my network into two bands, a 2.4.ghz and 5 GHz band right? and for me to get my Alexa's and my printing problems fixed?

    What if doesn't work. with my luck it won't.