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7 years ago

Cannot send outgoing email messages using Thunderbird

When I try to send I get this error message Login to server failed.

I try to enter my password and it again says Login to server failed

My settings are

Port 465


Normal Password

Username Chris Johnson

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    this server requires encrypted connection - SSL

    type of encription SSL

    my outgoing server SMTP requires Authentication and use the same settings as my incoming mail server

    these are for Outlook but might also be needed for Thunderbird, these additional settings beside the port settings were not in the original setup that was include in the notice emails

  • I don't know what thunderbird is but regardless a lot of people cannot send emails with Cox since Jan 24. I managed to get around the problem on my ipad by using my daughter's smtp server credentials on port 587. But that workaround didn't work on Windows 10 Mail.
  • Your username should be the [primary] username - like the one you would use to login to

    Your other settings look fine for the outgoing server.

    In Thunderbird (52.6.0), click on your account name, then "View settings for this account".  Right there on that pop-up look down near the bottom in the RIGHT-hand block - there is a 'Outgoing Server (SMTP)' setting that selects the outgoing server for that account. Make sure that points to the correct outgoing server you have defined in the 'Outgoing Server (SMTP)' Settings on the LEFT side where you set up the outgoing servers that can be used by all accounts. It should be the '' one.

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    Ok so is it the name before

    My primary login is

    So is the username chrisj1970?

    This is for outgoing server.


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    The user name is the first part of your email address, before the