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4 years ago

Can Panoramic WiFi Pods use Ethernet Backhaul?

The spec says it uses a dedicated 5GHz wireless connection for backhaul.

Can these be configured to use Ethernet for backhaul?


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    One of my pods keeps dropping off the network, despite being connected via ethernet back to a switch and then the gateway. I was under the assumption that if there was an ethernet connection, it would use that for backhaul, but I'm now thinking that this is a faulty assumption. 

    I'm trying to get a firm answer on this, as the documentation doesn't specifically say it's possible, but some of the speeds I'm getting when connected lead me to think that this isn't just a wireless backhaul across approximately 75 feet. Of course that's before the AP drops, so I'm just not sure.

    If the WiFi pods can't do ethernet backhauling, I need to either get more pods or different mesh network hardware that can use Ethernet backhaul.