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3 years ago

Can Cox see my Mac addresses? Do ISPs receive all Mac addresses used in my network?

I wanted to know if Cox can see the Mac addresses in my network. I know they can see IP addresses, but are Mac addresses included? What if I use a VPN?

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    Cox can "see" the MAC address of your modem because Cox needs this MAC address to assign a public IP address.  As far as devices on your private network, no...Cox can't see those private IP or MAC addresses.

    I don't think Cox can see the private IP of your router.  I once read an ISP can only see something (i.e. router) is connected to the WAN port of the modem.  Therefore, I think Cox can only see something is connected and possibly its capability (Fast Ethernet, GigaE, etc).

    If you subscribe to a VPN, yes, Cox can see your public IP address but cannot see where you're going or what you're sending.  All they see is their assigned-public IP address with  bunch of gobbledygook trailing behind it.