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5 years ago

Can’t Access E-Mail using Outlook or MacMail (Error Code 3170)

Can’t Access E-Mail using Outlook or Mac Mail (Error Code 3170) Starting on 10/2/19, I’ve started getting the following error message: “Outlook cannot find the server. Verify the server informatio...
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    5 years ago

    I finally found the solution.  It wasn't a Cox problem, nor was it an e-mail client problem.  Turned out to be a 3rd party software issue.

    On the Apple discussions forum, it was suggested to download the EtreCheck diagnostic app for Mac; it paid off. The problem turned out to be the following “Unsigned” file: com.DataFormatSearchP.plist.  I have no idea what an “Unsigned” file is, or what this one did, but deleting it fixed my problem. Mac Mail is finally working!

    Thanks for everyone's replies.