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2 years ago

Cable Modem rebooting - Avondale , AZ ( Coldwater Ridge neighborhood) Major cross streets Buckeye and Avondale Blvd

Good Morning , well I need your help with another COX moment , about 3-4 months ago they upgraded my Node here. 1.2 Ghz - 85 Mhz ,Everything has been great until about a week ago , now the modem goes on a reboot mission like no other. last night alone the modem rebooted about 10 times between 6 - 8 PM ! I have chatted with COX via the app and it is really fruitless. I advised them to pull some logs/status monitoring data from my node area and modems and see if anything shows up there. In my company we are able to pull individual Node and Modem logs and graphs as well as CMT's logs, to determine plant or modem issues.       My wife is on a neighborhood app here in Avondale and many other folks are having issues as well... This has been going on for about 2 weeks
Of course my QAM and OFDM levels are perfect ( well in spec) , All looks good when I Log into the modem as well as my Viavi ONX meter readings .... Thanks . Cabletek

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