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4 years ago

Buffering issues with

Starting last week, I have constant buffering issues while watching on my desktop computer that is hard wired into my modem. I have had this same set up for years with no issues. Again, starting last week, most channels I watch constantly buffers with the 3 dots and then the message "attempting to resume... we've run into a problem while streaming 'xyz" program". Please wait while we try again."  When it resumes, the program starts from the current time not where it started buffering. Sometimes the buffering is as much as every 30 seconds or every few minutes. Makes watching impossible. This buffering seems to occur frequently on Fox News yet  I can stream directly from their website live without any buffering issues. My speed tests are normal ranging from 115 - 120 mbps. No other internet issues only on I've tried Microsoft Edge and Firefox with the identical issue. Again, this issue started last week. See attached image at[View:https:/.../UN1GfXN

Thank you.

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  • Hello Stucoh,

    Thank you for the screenshot, and I understand this viewing experience is frustrating ofer the last week and happening on most channels. I wasn't able to replicate an issue right now, and we will need to investigate this further for you. Please email with the following:

    Your address and first and last name of the account holder.
    Content providers that are buffering or give the error: such as Fox News.
    Date and time issue occurs:
    Browser name and version:
    Operating system and version:
    Is this issue replicated on other devices, or only on your Desktop Computer that's hardwired?

    Cox Forum Support Moderator
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    3-4 years....your modem may be dying, software up to date?