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4 years ago

Blocked Ports?


Hoping other customers may be able to help...

I'm having trouble connecting to a Security Monitoring system and VNC at my mother's house.  I've set up the Port Forwards at her house, and I'm able to access them just fine from my phone when it is connected to the 3G service, so I know it works and I set it up just fine.

When I connect to my home's wifi, I'm unable to connect to these services.

I've looked through the Gateway's Webpage and my Cox Account and can't find anything that should be stopping the connection.
I've looked at this page and I'm not using those ports.

Is there something else that accounts for my inability to connect?

when I try a trace route to my mother's IP, I get a termination message:

Tracing route to X.X.X.X
over a maximum of 30 hops:

  1     1 ms    <1 ms    <1 ms
  2  reports: Destination protocol unreachable.

Trace complete.

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    im about ready to drop my net from cox,they are blocking all ports on my service. my modem rebooted the other night and all ports have been blocked since i have tried everything even replaced the modem today bought a $500 router and put the modem in bridge mode,disabled advanced security on there site first,disabled my antivirus and software firewall,i should be wide open when i switch my routers firewall off on my modem but i cant get a connection on any cox support you say? there answer to everything these days is pay us $10 a month for total about giving support so people are getting what they pay for.

    first im a gamer and need to have multiple ports open for games,i have home security cameras that need port forwarding,i like to use a Vpn/Proxy when i surf the web..none of this is working..all i can do is read forums and make posts and stream not paying for gigablast for that...its bad enough i spent about 12 hours on the phone with Cox(about 6 on hold) for them to get my internet going when i moved in because of some guy that used to live here didnt pay his bill god knows how long about to file on BBB against them im so aggravated with them right now..i hope you get your issue fixed and sorry to rant on your post im just very frustrated...

    you can try and switch your modem to bridge mode and buy yourself a separate modem that you can configure on your own,also on there site before switching to bridge mode disable there "advanced security" many people have complained it blocks ports on them, their router portion of there panaramic modem is horible,as long as they are not intentionally blocking all your ports too it should work after that.