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5 years ago

billed for "returned payment fee"

Last month in April, I was getting a new debit card because my old one was expiring and when I tried to pay my internet bill with the new one, it was denied twice.

I thought to activated my new debit card, given one of the two options, was to either call a number or go through an ATM. In this case, I called the number and I was able to make purchases at a nearby local store. However when I tried paying for my internet bill the first two times with my new card, it was denied.

What my bank had failed to mention was that I actually had to activate my debit card through an ATM and not through a number like my bank had said in the mail. This was after the two failed payments to Cox.

This frustrates me because I had no control over this but I was billed $60 for failed payments.

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    Cox provides the Support Forums as a service to its customers to help them obtain technical support, exchange ideas, and get information relating to Cox products and services. Billing and account questions that require the sharing of personal information aren't suited for a public forum. For further assistance, please email us at with your full name and address.

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    "expiring", debit cards are generally tied to a checking account...ebt/access/etc?

    did you get a message that card had been activated when you called?