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5 years ago

Best COX-supplied modem for Gigablast now?

Installation in a few days, and looking at options, there is the Technicolor CGM4140COM and possibly the Arris TM3402.  Maybe others?

I'm in San Diego.  I'll be using it in bridge mode (no wifi or router function) as I have a Ubiquiti ER4 that I use for my router.

So, easiest (and most stable) to set to bridge mode and least issues with Gigablast speed?


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       Perhaps a better question is, “What is it that you’re trying to accomplish?”.

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        I believe Dem wants what everyone else wants:  good value, good service.

        Of the 9 certified modems on the list supporting gigabit, Cox will issue 2.  If you want 1 of the other 7 (Arris or Netgear), you'll have to purchase it...and Cox will support it.

        After asking for advice, Mouth...with vast experience, knowledge and skill...recommended to purchase 1 of the other 7.  However, if Dem subscribes to Voice, Dem can only take the TM3402, which would be a free loan.  If Dem doesn't subscribe to Voice, Mouth advised against the only other option because it's junk:  Technicolor CGM4141.

        I'm not sure which is junky:  WiFi, DOCSIS, admin or the entire thing.

        Back to the goals:  value and service.  "Free rental" is a good value and 900 Mbps is good (optimal) service.  It worked out.  As an added bonus, if the privately-owned Ubiquiti were to conk out, Dem will have the Panoramic already on the network to configure.

        Who knows our options in 3 years:  10 Gbps, full-spectrum, full-duplex, etc.  Delaying your costs could be a good thing but being locked-in with a junky modem would be a bad thing.  Time will tell.