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2 months ago

Bad Tech

So I've been without internet for 4 days after switching modems. I talked to five representatives that did nothing but offer for a tech to go to my home and fix it. Of course they want to charge me, but at this point I have no choice. I made an appointment for a tech to come out to my home and they never showed up. I called Cox once again and they informed me that the tech tried to call me and text, but that was a lie. Hey also said he went to my house and knocked on the door and nobody answered, yet another lie because my dad was outside in the yard waiting. Why does Cox allow this type of service to their customers?  I have been with Cox for over 15 years and this is how they treat a loyal customer. Shame on Cox. I just checked for a reschedule of my appointment and it says my appointment is on hold and to call. My reschedule appointment was already set for the next day. What else can I do to get my service back on?  Is there any suggestions on other internet services I can switch to?  Please help. Thanks.