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4 years ago

Awful customer service about updating firmware!!!

I installed a new cable modem router last night (Netgear C6300v2). At 9 am, my internet went down (of course in the middle of an important meeting as I am working from home). I chatted with Cox and they said my modem was offline and they rebooted it. Thirty minutes later, I had internet back. It worked all day, and then I was working at 9 pm tonight and the internet went down again. I chatted again with Cox. The agent rebooted the device and it came back up. He ran a bunch of diagnostics and said that there were no problems from their end and that it must be the device. I called NetGear and they walked me through changing the channels and also told me my firmware had to be updated and that Cox had to do that. I had read this online so I knew she was telling the truth. I contacted Cox again and chatted with someone named Chris C. and told him I needed firmware updated. He put me on hold, then came back and told me he could do that but that I would be offline for 30 minutes while he did the update. I then asked him another question and never got an answer…we must have been disconnected. Well, I never lost the internet for 30 minutes so I thought he had not done the update. I contacted Cox via chat again and spoke to Chade – he told me that they never do firmware updates!!! This was incorrect! I tried to discuss this and he was not to be moved. I asked to talk to his supervisor and Andy Aarons came on the chat. He said he read the notes and that the firmware had indeed been updated. I went back on Netgear website to check status of firmware, and it had NOT been updated. I told Andy this and then he told me that they do not do firmware updates! First he told he it was done, then he told me they do not do them. So I called Cox on the phone and spoke to Charles. He initially told me I had to contact Netgear to do this. Really??? I told him no, the ISP provider does it. He put me on hold and then came back and told me they do not do the update UNLESS I pay $10 a month to join Cox Complete Care! Really? I already pay Cox a lot of money and now they want to charge me $120 a year to update my firmware. Almost 3 hours later (it is now almost midnight) I do not have my firmware updated! What is the deal with this horrible customer service???

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    Hi @Tea Drinker,

    We completely understand your frustration & want to provide you with the best customer service experience possible. We apologize for the chat & phone interaction. Firmware updates are automatically pushed out to your modem when an approved update is available. Cox goes through a testing and certification process for firmware updates to make sure they will work on our system and are free of bugs.

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    is this device piggybacked onto a cox mode/modem-router?