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3 years ago

Automatic email forwarding not working

I have set up my Cox webmail to auto-forward incoming mail to my Outlook email account, but it is not happening. There aren't misspellings on my part, and no forwarded Cox email is ending up in a Spa...
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    3 years ago

    Webmail forwarding has always worked for me.  I just tested it and it worked.

    I realize you indicated that no forwarded Cox email is ending up in a Spam folder.  Does that mean you checked the Webmail Spam folder for incoming email that wasn't forwarded?  If Email does get to the Webmail Spam folder, Webmail spam rules could be preventing the "autoforward" rule from forwarding email.  If that's the case, you can change "Spam settings"  to "No spam filtering".

    Have you checked your Outlook "Rules" and Junk email "Blocked senders and domains" to verify Outlook isn't blocking email forwarded from Webmail?  You could test if Outlook is blocking by manually forwarding an email from Webmail to Outlook that wasn't automatically forwarded by the "autoforward" rule.