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5 years ago

Arbitrarily disconnected

Anyone else getting arbitrarily shut off because Cox claims you are sending SPAM? I've been a COX customer for 20 years, and without any notice they shut off our internet and told us to go elsewhere, claiming we're sending spam. We regularly run anti-malware software/virus detection. I'm wondering if it's a false positive from Amazon Echo devices. Anyway, when my wife called, we got some rude s.o.b. who refused to connect her with his manager or security to discuss.

Needless to say, we aren't sending spam, and have very low internet usage. WTH?

I hope COX has someone monitoring this forum.

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        sometimes all that bandwidth gets suspicious and seems like spam is being used , had that happen to a friend of mine and his son was hosting a server for games

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    When the AUP is violated, the Cox Customer Safety Team notifies the customer via email. This link provides more information

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      Yeah, we got notified in January, we scanned every PC and device and got nothing.  I went through the wireless to make sure had no ports open, and that it was secure.  I even updated my Raspberry Pi. I didn't find any issues.  Then we didn't get any further emails for weeks, so assumed everything was good. Then you, without notice, you disconnected our service, peremptorily.  When my wife called, she was treated rudely, and when she asked if she could talk to a supervisor or security to find a path forward, she was told "I don't even know how to contact them."  "You have to go away for 6 months!"

      I am not an idiot when it comes to security. But I am not an expert either. (I am a software development manager.)  The only thing I can figure is that it's a false positive.  We have smart home devices and Amazon echos and so forth. It would help if I could see logs or a little more information instead of just disconnecting us.  This is pretty awful customer service.

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      Thanks for the link.  It would have been nice to have this information before.  I do have gmail accounts from several domains hosted elsewhere - I don't send more than handful of mails per month, but they probably have other outgoing domains as my laptop travels.  What a PITA to change your settings whenever home.  If that is the problem, it's a crappy solution.