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3 years ago

Anyone's Cox inbox being spamed by Cox Fake emails ?

I am getting Fake emails from Cox about my email account being shut down and a new one about my email being too old of a format. I know their fake because when you check sender it's gmail, yahoo, and some weird cox. net ones.

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    Hi @Glenee
    You can always mark the emails as spam. And set one of the following preferences for Spam emails: Mark as Spam and deliver to Inbox, Put in Spam folder, or Delete Spam without delivering. You can also create a filter rule and block those specific senders. See the link below for further assistance.

    Ben S.
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    Hi Ben,

    Thanks for the info. The reason I posted was to make Cox aware of the email's being circulating thru the Cox email system. I thought maybe Cox had a way to pick up on these Fake emails and Bar them from their system. Why don't you create a filter rule that says these obvious fishing emails will be blocked from the Cox system.

    Just a suggestion.


    Concerned Customer

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      We appreciate you taking the time to reach out to let us know about those emails. I would be happy to pass that along to our engineers for review.

      Cox Support Forum Moderator
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    I get spam on a daily basis and wonder why Cox allows this garbage into it's system. I use Outlook for email now and never get spam with their email system. Can't wait for T-Mobile to bring internet to my area so I can drop Cox cable completely.