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7 months ago

Am I the only one

Am I the only one that thinks that compensation is necessary for the continuous dropping of my internet when I'm in the middle of something important or I'm on a good run and I'm about to win money and all of a sudden you are booted out your wind streaks over but you still got to pay and outrageous amount of money for some bull**bleep** Wi-Fi that should be free just let me know if I'm the only one if not then we need to do something about it lots of messing up for **bleep** since I moved into my home 6 months definitely the price keeps going up but the service keeps getting worse I'm over it how about you

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  • I was just telling my wife how there's constantly a shortage every day but they expect full payment every month, they should compensate us on all the shortages because it happens multiple times a day 

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      Hi, there. I'm really sorry about the service issue and I'd like to help. We don't expect you to pay for a service you cannot receive. Please email us the physical address and any other pertinent information to with your name and a copy of this forum message. We really want to get you back up and running and help out in any way we can. - ChrisJ - Cox Support Forums Moderator

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    No, you are apparently not the only one. After over 20 years of service with Cox at our residence, it was finally time to say good bye. The service has progressively gotten worse over time (especially with-in last few years) with little to no upkeep of the infrastructure (atleast in our neighborhood). It was only a matter of time before Cox started getting competition and losing grasp on their duopoly as for about 17 of last 20 years, only options were Cox or AT&T DSL. Now there's fiber, wireless 5G etc. 

    I had no other option (DSL was pretty much dead), so I really had no choice but Cox until now.

    Cox, if you want to willingly retain customers, you NEED to do better. The times of simply keeping customers because they didn't have a choice is diminishing. 

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      They won't fix their own problems. If you notice they all use the same copy/paste responses. Just like when I worked for directv I would see that all calls eventually push you to a service call. 

  • Hello, sorry to hear you are having an issue with your service. I would like to assist and investigate this issue. Please send us your full name and address in a private message.

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    We have had issues with the internet constantly dropping for the 15 years we have lived in our house. They always want to try and charge us for a service cal and then they claim nothing is wrong. How are they going to charge 90 a month for spotty internet? Going to have to switch to AT&T  because cox has horrible customer service 

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      Hi there,


      I can understand wanting to see the value in what you're paying for and we would like an opportunity to look into your connection troubles.  Please send us an email to with your account details so that we may address your concerns.



      Cox Forums Moderator 

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    I have had techs out checking lines and replacing modems (I am paying the monthly fee for line insurance but nothing gets fixed). So far service still sucks. I have to reset my modem at least once a week, and in a 1300 sq ft, one story house I have to have 3, yes 3 wi-fi extenders just to get my "panoramic" wi-fi to the bedrooms and other areas of the house. Ridiculous. I am waiting for a fiber optic company that is moving into the area. Yes, I'll lose my email addresses I've had over 20 years as a Cox customer, but the headache of bad service should be over.