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2 years ago

All my emil from ALL my Cox email accounts DISSAPEARED!

This morning at 8:50am PST, every email from every INBOX all six of my Cox email accounts dissapeared this morning.

Every email between February 2, 2023, and today at 11am is apparently missing, gone, deleted?

Opened a ticket with Cox.

No one has returned my call.

Anyone else suffer this fault today, or recently?  That’s a lot of important emails that I now have no access to.


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    Do you have a computer with an older mail client on it, that was setup using POP? Most of the time when mail goes missing from Cox, on multiple email accounts, it's because an email client "POPPE" the email. Normally on an older computer or a computer that has 2 mail clients, one that hasn't been used for a long time.. The older mail client gets opened, and it downloads and then deletes the mail off of Cox. 

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      Nope, very new actually.  All accounts IMAP.  This appears to be a Cox server failure of epic magnitude.  Six email accounts.  

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        Not sure why you downvoted your own post. đŸ˜„

        For me, that would be enough to change email providers. Cox just isn't in the email business anymore.