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4 months ago

2 gb service scamming With fiber modem and XB8 router.

Cox's latest fiber modem and router, the XB8, can't support 2gb service? Is this a joke? The fiber modem ethernet cable have to use 2.5gb #4 port for the XB8 router. Other three ports can only provide 1gb speeds. So there are no options for 2 gb speed port. If they're taking fees for 2gb service but can't deliver it. The only solution seems to be buying another router privately, If a company advertises 2gb service that isn't achievable and there  level 2 technicians doesn't even know how to resolve it, cox need to fire whoever provided this idea.. what a dumb scam company..

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    Unless your computer has a 2gb or 10gb ethernet port, then the 1gb is all you need. 

    Also, remember the speed is shared among all devices, so if you had a single device using the entirety of the 2 gb, then all other devices would be getting no internet at all. 

    My computer is a hand built system, each piece selected specifically for this build, it's cost, 360, that doesn't include ram/cpu/video card/case/power supply/kb/mouse/monitor. I have a Netgear CM2000 and a RAXE300 router, to go along with the computer build, and I can take advantage of that kind of speed. I say this, because 99% of the computers out there CANNOT take advantage of that speed. 

    The bottom line, while most computer cannot take advantage of the 2gb speed, that doesn't mean it's wasted, because that speed is shared among ALL of your devices. 

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    Like you post

    If 99% of the computers out there CANNOT take advantage of that speed.( I have  the ethernet port that support 2.5gb)

    Why would they service 2 gb? 

    You know what ? Maybe I just need 1gb 

    but that's not the point.

    I signed up for 2gb service and there is no way that I could get the speed they advertised With setup provide by cox even if I have 1 pc and one phone.

    They should advertise like this "we have new 2 gb speed service but you still going to get around 600 to 900 99% of the time with your wifi and there are no options for ethernet connection provide by our xb8 router.


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      The current setup clearly isn't meeting expectations but there's nothing holding you back from getting the provisioned speeds.  Having a 2Gbit connection allows a combination of devices to run simultaneously with little risk of slowdown.  You should for example, be able to run 2x1Gbit devices simultaneously with little noticeable slowdown.

      Another option available would be to just purchase your own router that meets your specifications if you want 2Gbit speeds from a single device.

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      You are forgetting that the speed is shared across your devices. With 2gb speed, you should be able to utilize multiple devices with very little slowdown on them. Like ExtraChrispy said, 2x1gb devices simultaneously, or you can have a couple of your tvs streaming 4k and use your computer without seeing the tv's buffering.