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5 years ago

1/10th Gigablast

Fiber optics is not in the area and where I am. My Internet speed was much faster before I installed Gigablast. I believe it’s time for me to go to the press. I asked before I had it installed did this require fiber optics. I was told that the new way of doing this was to the current coaxial cable. I have clients up north that have fiber optics and is far faster than it is here in San Diego. I only get a fraction of what I’m paying for. I’m surprised  that a lawsuit hasn’t been launched concerning disputes. I will call the new seven troubleshooter maybe he could help us out.  It is clear that nothing has changed in the coaxial cable because the speed is exactly the same as it was for the last set up.  I live in San Diego, CA. Fiber optics is not in the area where I am.

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  • Hello. We can certainly look into this speed issue for you. What speeds are you currently getting? Are you experiencing the same speeds on all/multiple devices in the home or just this one? -Allan Cox Support Forums Moderator
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      Same here in phoenix. We all complain that we dont get the speeds we pay for and nothing gets fixed. Hardwired cat6 straight to pc and it doesnt ever pull over 500mbs down. Barely gets over the 350 mark and that is only 50mb more then my previous package.