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5 years ago

Watch DVR from Contour App

It looks like there is something going on with this. I recently updated the Contour app on my iPad and iPhone and now there are new line-items under Saved: Recordings and Scheduled— stuff on my DVR box. Also, the Recently Watched under Saved/For You is populated with DVR recordings. But none of these can be played on the app... yet. Hopefully, they finally flip the switch on these and make it available on the app! Anyone with any kind of information on this? Thanks!

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    As of now, recordings can be scheduled from the TV listings when signed in to your account. We are hoping to have this feature fully integrated with our Contour app for Contour 2 customers within the next few weeks. -Kevin M. Cox Support Forum Moderator
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      Is "this feature" the ability to play DVR box recordings on the Contour app? Thanks!

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        Hi Betamax. The feature to be able to play DVR recordings from the Contour app has arrived and is available for customers who subscribe to Contour 2. - Lisa, Cox Support Forums Moderator