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7 years ago

Transfer Email to Gmail App?

On the Reactive Email Account is says

Cox Email accounts are locked for inactivity when any primary or secondary mailbox has not been checked for new email for at least 180 days following the user's last access. No new email is accepted and all messages are returned to sender while the account is locked for inactivity.

To reactivate an inactive Cox Email account, use the primary User ID that you set up during your initial online registration to log in. Refer to Understanding Digital Identities and Account Types for more information.

However,  different accounts or mine are being set to Inactive every day. this has been going on for two months and my accounts are being accessed and used almost daily. I have contacted Cox Support and have Tickets on this issue and still not fixed. I am getting tired of checking to see if my Email Accounts have been set to Inactive every day since there is no notification or email saying an Email Account has been set Inactive and there are no errors when the account is checked for sending and receiving and  a sender to the Account also gets no error message and the message is not stored

So is there an App where all incoming email is sent to a Gmail Account even if the Email Account is set inactive so I can transfer all of my Email accounts to Gmail and stop using Cox. I am getting very tired of checking every day and when I go on Vacation I will not be able to reactivate any Accounts and will then lose the emails sent to me since they are not stored

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    It would be good if Cox would help in transferring email to anther service like Gmail. Gmail does not Inactive email accounts every day or two, and is very reliable. So if Cox would return an email to the sender with the Gmail address it would be very good.. this is like the Post Office forwarding mail to a new mail address and informing senders of the new address. So when I close my accounts or set up new Gmail accounts, the transfer will be seamless and less of an hassle.

  • Hi BobCo,

    Our tools show that all of your email addresses are active. We need a few more details in order to further investigate this for you. From whichever email account is working the best, please send an email to Include the Cox Usernames that are still getting set to "inactive" every day. Be sure to include your full name, address, and a link to this page.

    It would also be helpful if we understood how you experience this issue. Please include the following details:

    • How are you accessing each email account? Are you using an internet browser to access Cox Webmail, or are you using email client software like Outlook, Mac Mail, Windows Live, or Thunderbird?
    • What happens when you open the Inbox of an account that has been set to inactive? Is your login successful, or do you get an error? How do you know the account has been set to inactive?
    • Do you access any of your email accounts on multiple devices? (Example: Desktop computer, laptop, tablet, mobile phone, etc.)

  • Hi BobCo,

    After you reactivate a User ID/email address, you must open using a web browser and sign in with the User ID you just reactivated. Accessing email via third-party email software is not enough to keep a User ID active.

    Here are the steps to reactivate a User ID that has been “locked for inactivity”:

    1. Log into your account with your Primary User ID.
    2. From the My Account page, click View My Profile.
    3. Click the Users & Email Accounts tab.
    4. Locate the User ID with the inactive email account and click Modify User.
    5. Choose Reactivate Email Account.
    6. A window will pop up asking you to confirm you want to reactivate the email account.
    7. Click Reactivate Email Account.
    8. You will see a green checkmark and “You've successfully reactivated this user's Cox Email account” message.
    9. Click Save Changes.
    10. Note: Saving changes require that a Recovery Email address be saved for the User ID being reactivated. If necessary, enter a Recovery Email address and click Save Changes. 
    11. You will see a green checkmark and “Your changes have been updated successfully” message.
    12. Using a web browser, go to
    13. Log in with the reactivated User ID.

    Have you logged into using each of your reactivated email addresses?

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    I have been reactivating my email accounts for the past month. I know how to do it, but in a day or two, they will be set to inactive again.

    I logged  into with each account, as I did two days ago, and this morning four accounts were set to Inactive. so logging into does not work to keep them Active and accessing the email accounts to send or receive emails does not work either. so I do not know how many emails I missed since they are not stored on the  Cox email  server

    so the best solution would be an App that would send my emails to a Gmail account  even if an account has been set to Inactive so I will not miss emails from Inactive accounts

  • Hi BobCo,

    Our email administrators identified a backend issue causing some user IDs to go inactive. This issue has been addressed and resolved. Two of your accounts are currently showing “inactive” in our system. Reactivate and log into each account one more time. Our email administrators state that your accounts should no longer go inactive. Thanks for your patience as we worked to fix this for you!