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SEC Network on Watch ESPN

Anyone else having issues getting SEC Network and SEC Network+ through Cox? I can get ALL other watch ESPN content, but not these networks. I've deleted, re-downloaded, restarted, signed in, signed out, signed back in, but all it tells me is that I am not authorized to play this content. Even called Cox about it, spent an hour on the phone with them, then they transferred me to ESPN which was also unhelpful. I pay way too much for Cox to not be able to access what I am supposed to get. This is ridiculous. 

  • Looks like some markets require different packages then others for WatchESPN to cover SEC games.

    WatchESPN Accessible NetworksRequired Tier of Service
    ESPN Cox TV Essential
    ESPN2 Cox TV Essential
    ESPN3 Cox TV Essential
    ESPNU Sports and Information Pak
    Buzzer Beater Sports and Information Pak
    Goal Line Sports and Information Pak
    ESPN News Sports and Information Pak
    ESPN Deportes Sports and Information Pak or Latino Pak
    Longhorn Sports & Information Pak, where available
    SEC Network - ARK, BTR, GAN, GLA, MAC, PEN Digital Essential
    SEC Network all other markets Sports & Information Pak

  • Hi Djp4lsu,

    How are you accessing SEC content? Are you using the WatchESPN app on a mobile device, Xbox, or going to the website? If you are using an Apple device, what version iOS is the device running? WatchESPN requires iOS 7.0 or later. (The Cox Support article states 4.0 or later, but that is incorrect. I will have this updated.)

    It sounds as if we already verified that you are using a valid Cox User ID to log into WatchESPN. At what point do you get the authorization error?

    With a few more details, I feel confident we can get to the bottom of this for you!

  • Thanks for the response. I have been attempting to watch SEC+ from my PC and ipad, with basically the same result on each one. My ipad is not in front of me now, but I believe it is the most up-to-date version of the ios, since I generally download the updates in short order.

    The authorization error comes when I try to play any content from the SEC Network or SEC+ on either device.When I try to play something from one of these channels, watch ESPN gives me the error and directs me to contact my provider. On my PC, it gives an error code of N9000, while on the ipad, it simply says that the content is unauthorized.

    I can watch everything else, even the Longhorn Network, on each device, and I can watch SEC Network on my TV through cable, but I cannot watch on either device. This makes me think that it is not an issue with devices or setup.

    Thanks for the help, looking forward to getting this resolved. It seems to be an issue for a number of users as well. Let me know if you need any more info.

  • Djp4lsu, 

    I've been trying to duplicate the issue, but so far I've been unable to. I'd like to try resetting permissions on your equipment, but first can you confirm that you are signing in to WatchESPN (ESPN3) with your primary Cox username and password?

  • Yes, I am using my login and password. The app does not always ask me to log in though.