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HBO go not working

We have a few-months-old samung smart TV and new cox service.  HBO go is a wonderful app that we have access to and enjoy.  But the last couple of weeks HBO go will not play.  It will start a movie then give the error "We're sorry, video cannot be played at this time."  I tried to call Cox and they said it was an issue with the app itself and I was transferred to another department, but after 20 minutes I was still on hold and had to leave the house.  Netflix can be streamed without difficulty so I can't imagine its an internet issue.  HBO go works perfectly on my laptop -- just not on my smart tv.  Any help would be appreciated.

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  • HBO go not playing, 

    If you're not having problems with anything else connecting to the internet, I agree that it is probably not a connection issue, however our support for the app itself is limited mostly to the login credentials. Since you can sign in correctly, that doesn't seem to have any bearing on the problem you are experiencing. Have you tried updating or uninstalling and reinstalling the HBOgo app on the TV?

    Here is a Samsung article you can refer to in order to verify that your TV model is supported.  I've also read that for some app issues Samsung recommends resetting the Smart Hub on your TV to default settings. You can also contact Samsung directly at or you can visit for other troubleshooting and contact information.

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