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Contour2 box not showing movies full screen

After having to exchange my contour 2 recording box, a lot of commercials and moves are no longer showing full screen like they used to.  Is cox no longer sending a 1080p signal which I have it set to?  I have changed nothing on Sony TV (would not think a new Contour box would do anything with TV settings) and the device setting on Cox is set to default the set up selected as 1080p.

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  • what is the purpose of having a TV set to 720

    I originally didn't know what you meant by this.  Your TV shouldn't be configured for any extraneous video processing after the cable-box.  Meaning, let the cable-box decode and process the video and the TV to accept the signal as is (native, normal, default, etc.).  You can tweak your TV settings after resolving this letter-boxing effect.

    Using your Contour menu, you could also Refresh the cable-box in case the Solution Store failed to do so.

    Reconnect cable-box to another HDMI port on your TV.

    ...and if all else fails, exchange the cable-box.