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Cox cloud DVR lost all recorded shows and now doesn't record scheduled shows.

About a week ago, we discovered that all recorded shows (over 2 dozen) were gone.  Tried normal reset, but nothing. Contacted Cox support and the opened a ticket and then after some testing, escalated it to the next tier and said should be fixed in 24-48 hr.  Several days later, contacted them again when nothing showed up.  They escalated the ticket again and said wait 24-48 hrs.  Well, days later, no shows have showed up and the scheduled shows have stopped recording altogether.

Since this is a cloud DVR, where are the backups?  Restoring recordings should be easy unless they have a much bigger issue that they are not admitting too.  I have come to my limit with Cox and their inability to inform me what the issue is and their insistence that if I just wait 24-48 hr, all will be fixed. I'm about to commit to a campaign of spreading my experience to as many online as possible if this issue is not resolved in a timely fashion.  Cutting the cord will then be next on my list and going with a streaming service that provides the service I am already paying good money for.

Cox, this seems to be a widespread issue (as seen from this forum) and you need to come clean on what the issue is and have your techs fix the problem once and for all.