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Introducing Contour, the new personal video experience

Cox is introducing a new, personal TV experience - Contour. Contour is TV that perfectly fits you, at home and on the go. It includes the new Contour app for iPad with an intuitive interface that serves up content to watch at home or anywhere. On TV you'll experience the Contour guide, that learns the shows you like and recommends new shows you're likely to love. Contour also offers the Record 6 DVR that lets you record up to six shows at one time, and store 1000. Contour is the personalized TV experience you've been waiting for. Learn more at or stop by a Cox Solutions Store today.

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  • Ouch, sounds like lots of folks have had a lot more problems than we have! I still find the box irritating but it mostly works.

    Here's a feature that I'd like a lot more than suggestions: let me put in a "want" for something -- movie, show, etc. -- and if it shows up in the future programs list, it would pop up (or let me say "Just record it" when I set up the "want").

    That would mean I could say "Hey, if such-and-such a movie ever comes on, please record it" or "There's a new series starting soon called X and I'd like to set it up NOW". Currently I wind up putting an item on my calendar for a week or so before the premiere of a new show. Yes, there would be false hits/misses -- I misspell the series name, or (since I'd hope it would be keyword-based, not an exact match) I tell it I want a show with "hamster" in the title and it records the Animal Planet Hamster Bowl instead of the Hamsterdance movie, but that's a user problem. And argues for a popup "Your DVR found this match, is this what you want to record?" (Being able to mark a "Want" as being for a series, event, or movie would help a bit here, I expect).

    And I suspect someone's going to tell me TIVO or MythTV or some other service has this; that'd be good, it'd be another reason why Contour should add it, to be competitive...

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