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FOX Channels - No Audio

Not sure if anyone else has experienced this - but starting this morning, there has been no sound on any of the Fox channels that I receive in Las Vegas.  This includes Fox Business, Fox News and Fox 5.  This includes the HD as well as the regular channels.  I called Cox support and they reset my box to no avail.  BTW, some of the commercials on these channels have functioning audio.  The Cox support had no answers.  I'll wait a couple of days and if this issue is not resolved, I'll be having a serious talk with the DISH/DIRECT TV reps that always approach me with friendly greetings every time I visit Costco.

As an aside - I've never had a service provider that does not list a service/support phone number on their monthly invoice - Until COX.

  • Strange that the audio issue is only on those specific channels, and only during the actual programming.

    However, every one of my monthly statements has a Contact Us section on the first page with two phone numbers so I'm not sure what statement you're looking at.

  • Hi Luz,

    That sounds odd. I recommend checking the settings on the box as well as the TV set to ensure that the SAP setting is turned off/disabled. I hope this helps.

  • Thanks for suggestions.  I tried but no luck.  I have found that channels 5, 6, 1005, 1021, 1094 have no audio EXCEPT during some commercials.  I called cox and they tried resetting more stuff that didn't work so have scheduled a technician to come out in a couple days.

  • This sounds like a SAP issue and it could be the setting in the receiver or the TV. Are you having this issue on all TVs?

  • It does sound like an SAP issue.  Your setting may be correct but the tuner in your cable box may be the problem.  These are reissued boxes and not of the best quality.

    It's odd this started suddenly.  Inspect all your connections (coaxial, HDMI) as well as the insulation protecting the cables.  Inspect your cable splitter(s).

    Are there other components involved, such as an Audio/Video Receiver or soundbar?

    For now, I'd avoid the $100 service call and exchange the box at a Service Center.