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Phantom calls

First I've been back here for a year or so, it seems to have disappeared... Any ways, looking at my call history that I monitor daily, I often see multiple numbers as having been dialed from here, within seconds or simultaneously, with a duration of 0 seconds. I wonder if my number is being used by spammers.
Also, unrelated, but my caller ID only works on my Panasonic phones about half the time. Any ideas?

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  • having been dialed from here

    From your house?  If a spammer has been spoofing your telephone number, the spoofs wouldn't record on your Cox Call History.  The spoofs would record on the spammer's system, which is probably a private network.

    Do you have a home security system?

    I'm assuming you're saying your Caller ID on TV isn't working?  If not, what else has Caller ID?  Did you upgrade your equipment to support Cox Voice (VoIP)?  This was started a few years ago but maybe your area is now transitioning.