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Call history

What is going on with the call history? Calls don’t show up for hours & then appear 8-10 times at the same time.

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  • From Call History to Caller ID on TV, what's going on with all of Cox phone service?  It's all glitchy.

    For example, I got a call the other day.  My phone rang, my call blocker intercepted and Caller ID worked on both devices.  All was almost well.  The only glitch was Caller ID on TV did not display the call.  Meh...oh well...been there done that...sometimes it works; most times it doesn't...glitchiness is the only consistency with Cox...etc.

    However, about 10 minutes later, the Caller ID on TV displayed the call.  It wasn't a second call from the same was the same call finally displaying on my TV 10 minutes later.  Your awful commercials don't mention that.

    I guess I shouldn't complain because, technically, it worked.  I only wish Cox' Caller ID on TV worked at the time of the call.