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Nomorobo not working and Time Settings on the phone not correct.

Hello, I realize many people are having these same problems. But I want cox to be aware of these problems in my area (918) ( on the Oklahoma State Line East Central Oklahoma )  also. A Telephone conversation with Tech Support on evening of May, 07 Last Tuesday, The tech person and I went through the setup process to verify that I had made the correct entries and info. Nomorobo would not accept my Registration, the tech person said they would submit a ticket to tech support and the problem should be resolved in 24 hours. They have not resolved the problem as yeat, I assume they are over whelmed with this problem. Also the time stamp on caller ID has problems also, you can set the time and date correctly, but after I get a phone call the time appears to be correct, the am, pm changes to the opposite reading and the date advances to the next date, you can reset the time date and the same happens on the next call no matter what time, day or night. I fear there is going to be a lone wait to get things working properly.

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  • I don't know about Nomo, but there's been something off with Cox phone service.

    I received calls...presumably scams...with empty Caller ID fields.  My equipment could only display the default info if any Caller ID field is missing.  For example, "Unknown Number" on the telephone or "N/A" on the call blocker.  I have zero idea who called.  Caller ID on TV also didn't display or log the calls.

    When the Caller ID did well as Caller ID on TV...the call disconnected as soon as I answered.  I could only hear myself saying "hello" within an echo chamber.  I knew who had called so I called back.  The caller said they heard the ringing signal but when I picked up, an announcement said, "...the number is not in service."

    I have contractors for HVAC coming next week, so it'll be interesting if they need to call me beforehand.

    Jeesh..botched email, telephone and FreeView weekend...what's next?

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