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TV Caller ID not working. . .again

My TV Caller ID has not working since 1/29/19. I've rebooted the STB and confirmed that the feature is enabled with the remote. This happened earlier this month (1/9/19) and was told by Cox Support that the issue is due to the deactivation of the TV caller ID in the Cleveland market due to inbound/outbound call issues. Is Cox having this issue again?

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  • Sometimes disabling and re-enabling TV Caller ID fixes it.  If disabling/re-enabling doesn't fix it, you could try combining it with another action.

    Disable for 5 minutes
    Disable for 1 hour
    Disable, turn off cable box, re-enable
    Disable, reboot cable box, re-enable

    I understand it sounds like BS but it's worked for me.

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