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when can digital voice customers use NOMOROBO,cox has been working on this forever.Al other providers offer customers the serice. What is happening that digital voice customers have to wait?

Digital voice customers want NOMOROBO. Come on Cox, do something about this.

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  • Don't get your hopes up once you do get nomorobo... it is not the panacea that some make it out to be.  I have it am still getting harassed by criminals ringing my phone from spoofed numbers.  I'm at the point where I'm seriously considering getting rid of my Cox phone entirely since it functions more as a tool for unknowns to intrude on my peace than it does as a means of communicating- and beyond platitudes and offering technology only after the criminals have figured out how to get around it, Cox isn't going to do one thing to help.  With Friends in the Digital Age® like this, who needs enemies?

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