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Slow upload speeds (download is fine)

I'm on the ultimate package, normally I'm pulling 170ish down and 20 - 25 up.

The past couple of days my upload speed has dropped to around 10 - 14 while my download speed remains unaffected, anyone have any ideas why this is?

This actually happens in the evening too, around 7pm on towards.  However the difference is that my upload speed was fine during the day, but now it's bad all the time.

Any ideas whats causing this?

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  • Cox sent a technician to my house to investigate why my upload speed was slow to non-existent.  All readings were appropriate and within acceptable parameters when he checked the tap and at my house.  He did notice that the Upstream Power Level was at 35 dBmV.  He said that this was the very lower limit and that the Upstream Power Level has a ± 3 dBmV tolerance and that if or when the voltage dropped to less than 35 dBmV, I would experience upload problems.  His solution was to put a small round gadget on the backside of my modem that is about 1 inch long and ¾ of an inch in diameter.  This brought the Upstream Power Level up to 45 dBmV.  The top end of this reading is 52 dBmV.  In other words, the Upstream Power Level should be between 35 dBmV and 52 dBmV.  Anything greater than 52 dBmV will cause a similar issue and my upload will be out of tolerance and not work as it should.

    Hopefully this is the end of my upload problems.  I will keep a close eye on this and report back if the issue has not cleared.

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