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Slow upload speeds (download is fine)

I'm on the ultimate package, normally I'm pulling 170ish down and 20 - 25 up.

The past couple of days my upload speed has dropped to around 10 - 14 while my download speed remains unaffected, anyone have any ideas why this is?

This actually happens in the evening too, around 7pm on towards.  However the difference is that my upload speed was fine during the day, but now it's bad all the time.

Any ideas whats causing this?

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  • Hi Pauleh yeah I get about 25 up fairly consistently on Ultimate. Are your modem logs at showing a lot of T3 timeouts? They usually do if you're getting a lot of upstream issues. Can you maybe take a screen shot or copy your modem logs as well as get a screenshot of your connect section? I'm betting you're having almost the same issues I get every 3 months and the problem is a lot of noise somewhere up the line from you.

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