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Slow upload speeds (download is fine)

I'm on the ultimate package, normally I'm pulling 170ish down and 20 - 25 up.

The past couple of days my upload speed has dropped to around 10 - 14 while my download speed remains unaffected, anyone have any ideas why this is?

This actually happens in the evening too, around 7pm on towards.  However the difference is that my upload speed was fine during the day, but now it's bad all the time.

Any ideas whats causing this?

  • Sounds like your speed is sometimes faster then your package allows you to go. Doesn't Ultimate upload speed cap at 10-15? What area are you in?

  • Hi Pauleh yeah I get about 25 up fairly consistently on Ultimate. Are your modem logs at showing a lot of T3 timeouts? They usually do if you're getting a lot of upstream issues. Can you maybe take a screen shot or copy your modem logs as well as get a screenshot of your connect section? I'm betting you're having almost the same issues I get every 3 months and the problem is a lot of noise somewhere up the line from you.

  • Using Cisco DPC3825 DOCSIS 3.0 Gateway having a hard time finding the logs section.

    Model: Cisco DPC3825
    Vendor: Cisco
    Hardware Revision: 1.0
    Serial Number: 249770344
    Bootloader Revision: 2.3.0_R3
    Current Software Revision: dpc3825-v302r125553-120620a-COX
    Firmware Name: dpc3825-v302r125553-120620a-COX.bin
    Firmware Build Time: Jun 20 11:07:43 2012
    Cable Modem Status: Operational
    Wireless Network: Enable

  • Still having issues, tech came out and replaced the connections outside but it didn't help.  

    He mentioned that he put in a work request for the tap box (not sure if thats the right name) which is used for the whole street, apparently he isn't allowed to mess with that and that he has to call out another team to handle it and to run tests.  

    He said they can come out anytime but they wouldn't contact me so I have no idea if they've even been out yet.

  • Make sure you follow up. If the issue isn't fixed I'd call them no less than every 3 days and kick it up the line (ask for a supervisor) if the first agent has no information. Once they have it fixed and consistent again, I'd call the billing dept and have them give you credit for all the days you did not get the level of service you pay for.

    If they take longer than a week to resolve it, I'd call Cox and tell them you want to speak to the Customer Advocacy Group. Tell them you were promised maintenance would check the tap and no one has done their job and you want some answers.