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I can't check my cox webmail or emails!

I use Thunderbird on my PC and also cox mail on my ipad/iphone/imac but last week as of July 10th it stopped working. I can't check it from all these as well as online on cox webmail. I login and it just brings me back to the log in screen or it will bring me to this with a big printed letters saying Oops! We can't find that page!

When I log into my thunderbird it tells me:

Sending of password did not succeed. Mail server responded: mail storage services unavailable, wait a few minutes and try again. Login to server failed.

My iPhone/iPad now tells me: The User name or password for "" is incorrect.

Need help!!

  • This ight sound weird, but try logging in with a fake username and passward. Like User:Mickey PW: Mouse or something. Does it give the same error? This would say if its specific to that username.

    Also, do you have other usernames you can try with>

    Last, did anything happen with your account in July? Change of service? Move? Etc?

  • It's only with my email. Logging into the webmail with another username says: You entered either an invalid Username or Password. Please try again or click here for information.

    I don't have any other user names to test it and I didn't change anything with my service or settings. Not sure whats going on with my cox email. Been with Cox for 10+ years and this never happened. Really need my email for work! Contacted cox 3 times and they just keep moving me to higher tiers but nothing.

  • Where are you signing in from? Try direct from

    Sounds like there is some kind of issue with your email account. Can you log into normal , IE to view your bill?

    But if your talking to Cox then sounds like your taking care of it. Let us know if they can't figure it out. You might have them (Cox) try logging in with your username and password, see if they get the same error. If they do, then you know its nothing you can fix. Its would be something they would have to fix.

  • Yes I am signing into the I can log in to my account just fine and see/view my bill but when I click on webmail it prompts me to login again and I put in my username and password but every time i do it just redirects me back to the webmail login page (when trying classic) it never opens my email. When logging in with enhanced mail it gives me that error page from cox. I have tried multiple browsers and it didnt change anything.

  • Sounds like there is something wrong with your email account itself. Some kind of provisioning error, which means something wrong with the coding in Cox's system. Can you try to reset your password through internet tools? Or maybe even create another account to test with. Then if nothing else you can ask them to forward your email from old to new email while they work it out. Might need a ticket and a day or two, but thats just a guess.